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East bound High Hood @ Goodwater, Alabama
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The Rail
This web site is in no way affiliated or endorsed by any of the railroads depicted in these pages. All photos and information, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by the webmaster and may not be used in any form without express written consent by contacting me HERE.
In these pages you'll find many photos I've taken from in and around the
Great State of Alabama, depicting railroads, rail-related items, and structures.  I've put together this site as a way to showcase my rail photos, as well as for your enjoyment and help in identifying locations to rail fan.
I hope you enjoy your trip! Do come back, as these pages get updated often.
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Photos on this site copywrited by me are made with the following:
PENTAX IQZoom140 35mm Camera scanned with a HP ScanJet 3400C Scanner,
KODAK DC3400 2.0 MP Digital Camera,
HP Photosmart 945 5.3 MP Digital Camera,
HP Photosmart 818 5 MP Digital Camera,
Sony Alfa a330 DSLR
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